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Physical Protection

Our company provides all forms of physical protection and has the SUFO status, which confirms the quality of the services provided and the qualifications of our employees.


Companies that do not have the SUFO status are often not inspected for many years or never, hence the level of services provided, and thus the price, significantly differ from each other.


Due to the human factor, physical protection is the most expensive form of protection, but where there is a need for physical control, it cannot be omitted. More and more often, however, due to a change in customer habits or organizational culture, it can be replaced, as in our case, by Mobile Security System™.

Alarm Systems

Security systems are the second, after physical protection, the oldest form of protection accompanying man. Various types of alarm systems have been used for several hundred years, although in a completely different form than known today. The dynamic development of technology since the second half of the 20th century has allowed for the creation of more and more advanced and effective alarm systems.

Today, we have such a large selection of alarm control panels and sensors that there is no object that cannot be secured with their help.

Inteligentny system alarmowy
Zabawa dronem

Beta Drone Security™

This is another proprietary project of the Beta Security System, which is currently in the development phase.This service is addressed to all companies expecting the highest quality using the latest technology as an alternative to traditional security in large-scale areas and posing a potential threat to human health and life such as construction sites, mines, landfills, explosion hazard zones, power industry, extensive infrastructure, etc.

Moreover, we provide services of object inspections, thermovision tests of photovoltaic farms, landfills, investment monitoring and many others. In order to increase the security of facilities, we implement mobile platforms for remote enablement and control of drones. The entirety is under constant supervision of Operators in the 24/7 Operations Center. We have a CAA license to operate drones.

Fog Generators

By establishing cooperation with Protect, a world leader in the production of fog generators, Beta Security System expands the capabilities of our Mobile Security System™. Our actions have always been aimed at the highest level of prevention, and the fog generator fits perfectly into these assumptions. The Protect fog machine will secure your premises in seconds, stopping any burglar! SOM™ and Protect effectively protect you and your property.

Cleaning Elevator

Cleaning services

Our offer is complemented by comprehensive cleaning services performed by employees of our company or one of the companies of our group.

We provide professional cleaning services performed by qualified staff who are able to meet all requirements. We own professional cleaning equipment. The company's top managers have been specializing in the cleaning industry for over 15 years.

Their achievements and professional successes include: maintaining cleanliness in nationwide chains of commercial, wellness and sports facilities, managing companies operating in the field of cleaning in health care facilities. This involved the development of a restructuring program for hospital facilities in terms of maintaining cleanliness and the creation of cleaning and disinfection procedures, development of schedules and full documentation regarding the management and operation of cleaning teams, taking into account the individual needs of individual hospital wards. Within our group of companies, we also perform audits of cleaning services.


Representatives of our company have been conducting trainings for many years. Already in 1995, we conducted training in the field of safety and behavior in emergency situations for collectors of Zakłady Energetyczne and Poczta Polska and one of the companies belonging to KGHM. Moreover, we have been conducting Karate, JiuJitsu, Kobudo and Combat classes for 26 years. Our instructors were one of the first in Poland who conducted training in CSP for police instructors in the use of a tonfa-type multifunctional baton. For many years, we participated in joint training camps and trainings with instructors of the GROM unit, with whom we repeatedly trained tactics during interventions, convoying and escorting.

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