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Are you interested in working in the largest and most modern Operations Center in Poland?

If you have experience with CCTV systems, great. If not, nothing lost. After accepting your candidacy, you will go through the full training process in our company.




Contract of employment


  • supervision over security systems in the most modern 24/7 Security Centre,

  • operation of security systems,

  • operation of access control systems,

  • handling applications to the Protection Center,

  • preparation of summaries and reports

By joining us you will

  • work with us on the basis of a contract with a company certificate obtained after completing the initial training,

  • be able to develop professionally depending on the progress you make,

  • work in a modern company and the most modern Security Center in Poland,

  • be able to take advantage of financial allowances provided after the initial training period as part of certain remuneration components.

Apply if:

  • you are a highly perceptive, analytical person,

  • you are interested in topics related to the IT area,

  • you know MS Office and related tools - you can use them (especially Excel),

  • you cope well with work under time pressure and rapidly changing external factors,

  • you have the ability to react quickly and make decisions,

  • you are open to new challenges, and at the same time focused on achieving goals,

  • you can effectively organize your work, you are ready to work in a shift system (12-hour work - day and night work, some weekends and public holidays).

Additional advantages of the candidate:

  • current entry on the list of qualified physical security workers,

  • course completion certificate of an English language course (B1 and above),

  • firearms license book.

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